This book tells the story of a small child struggling through the daily challenges of childhood while being happily comforted by Cooper the dog. It is an illustrated, feel-good rhyming story that will captivate adults as well as children.

The little unicorn, Meela, believes she can fly, but everyone tells her that she can't. Will she listen to the doubters or will she believe in herself enough to make her dream come true? A beautifully illustrated, inspiring story filled with hope and triumph. Also available as a coloring book.

A colorfully illustrated children's book that answers the age-old question about bears in the woods. A rhyming story. Also available as a coloring book.

A funny, rhyming book for children. This is the "sister book" to Do Bears Poop in the Woods? Also available as a coloring book.

When a friendly pup gets a little too playful, you can't imagine what might happen!

Mr. Cherryfield loves working in his garden, and he’s not going to let the furry lion that has suddenly appeared stop him from doing what he loves.

All coloring books are large format (8½ x 11) and have the complete text from the original colorfully illustrated storybook.
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