Osho International Ashram: The ashram founded by the controversial guru, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, now known as Osho.

Although he’s been dead for more than twenty years, what influence does Osho still have on the happenings at the ashram? Can one classify the group of Osho followers as a cult? Is the ashram still a haven of sexuality?

Learn the real story about what goes on inside the Osho International Ashram. Read about the rules, the practices, and the mandatory attendance at a video showing of the dead guru. Meet the people who populate the ashram: their beliefs, their attitudes, and their blind devotion to Osho’s teachings.

Sprinkled with local color and Indian customs, WHAT WOULD OSHO SAY/NOT MY GURU tells the engrossing story of how one woman fared during her three months of living and working alongside dedicated Osho-ites. And how the solace and friendship of the local Indians helped to ease her way.
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